Our Story

We believe everyone deserves clean and healthy skin.

Founded by three college roommates, Penthouse soap started its journey in Cleveland, Ohio. We founded Penthouse soap because we believed the world needed to ditch soaps filled with synthetic chemicals, and harsh preservatives. Our soap has proven itself to not only smell amazing but be better for your skin. At Penthouse we believe that premium natural products shouldn’t come at a premium price. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to selling the best product for you and for your skin, at a competitive and convenient price.

We stand by our products and recognize the importance of a high-quality soap that is not only effective but that people enjoy using. We have recently been flooded with positive feedback from our valued customers and we look forward to continuing to grow our community. Thank you to every customer, both new and old, for making this dream of ours become a reality.

Fact: Nearly 2 in 5 men suffer from Mental Illness each year, while less than half of them receive help

Founded in December of 2021, Penthouse Soap's mission is to connect those in need with support opportunities and resources while generating awareness for an issue that has deeply impacted our lives. Through our partnership with The Face It Foundation, we donate a percentage of every purchase to aid men in need. As we expand, our contributions and community efforts will also grow, and we invite you to join us in making a positive impact in the lives of countless men.

To learn more about ways to help or to donate, visit https://www.faceitfoundation.org