• Zachary Stroud - Owner

    Hobbies: Taking 12 hour “naps”. Binge watching Star Wars. Consuming more cinnamon butter rolls in one sitting than imaginable

    Interest: Dogs and Work

    Free time activities: Playing Halo with the squad, working on top of work and going to the local gun range

    Favorite Artist: The Certified Lover Boy

  • Drew Klausing : Co-Owner

    Hobbies: Watching every Ohio sports team (Especially the Browns) disappoint me each week. Fighting day and night to bring back the original Scooby-Doo fruit snacks

    Fun fact: I wanted to name the company “Weelads Soap Co” , Zach and Eric didn’t seem to like it

    Free time activities: Playing Warzone with the squad, shooting 20 over par on the links and losing money in the stock market

    Talents: Cold calling clients and getting dunked on

  • Eric Fox : Co-Owner

    Hobbies: Making weight move at the rec center. Destroying the dessert section at the school’s cafeteria

    Biggest fear: Anyone at the gym bigger than him

    Fun fact: Eric loves to cook (Chicken and Rice)

    Talents: Flat bench press, leg press, and dumbbell shoulder raises

    Favorite shirt: Spaghetti strap bro tank